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What Is The MILLIONAIRE Mentorship? 

The Millionaire Mentorship is our 1 year accelerated coaching and consulting program.

What Does Your Millionaire Membership Include?

Your membership includes an initial accelerated coaching & consulting assessment using our 5 Point consulting process. It also includes 1 year access to our millionaire blueprint, 1 year access to our (52) weekly coaching calls, VIP access to 4 quarterly mastermind-workshops, and our millionaire concierge service.

  • AS A MEMBER: You get an initial accelerated coaching & consulting assessment that walks you through our 5 Point "AIDIE" Process. (See Below)

  • AS A MEMBER: You get 1 year access to our world-class "Millionaire Blueprint" Business & Financial Wealth Building System.

  • AS A MEMBER: You get exclusive access to 4 quarterly mastermind-workshops that you may attend in person or virtually.

  • AS A MEMBER: You get exclusive access to our weekly live business coaching calls. Each live session provides training and Q&A.

  • AS A MEMBER: You get exclusive access to join us for ourMillionaire Headquarter Days that allow you to shadow our CEO and executives at our headquarters.

  • AS A MEMBER: You get exclusive access to our millionaire concierge service that is always available to serve you and your business.

How Does The Millionaire Mentorship Work

Once you enroll, you will be onboarded and get immediate access to your initial accelerated coaching & consulting assessment. You will also have immediate access to the millionaire blueprint and weekly coaching call portal. The initial assessment will walk you through our 5 Point Consulting Process:

  • WE ASSESS: We will assess your personal, professional, and financial goals to set the trajectory for where you want to go and the best way to get there.

  • WE DEVELOP: We develop a basis for your organizational position, your purpose, your products, services, prices, as well as your perfect client profile.

  • WE IDENTIFY: We identify your perfect business structure, your brand identity, and your brand ambassador. We utilize our SMS Matrix concept to execute this part of the process.

  • WE INTEGRATE: We integrate the proper systems and processes for your organization that will foster best practices across all divisions and subsidiaries.

  • WE EXECUTE: we execute a successful game-plan through daily schedules, consistent action steps, and business strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the mentorship program include 1-on-1 coaching with Ramone Preston?

    The mentorship program does include 1-on-1 sessions with Ramone Preston. Each tier provides exclusive 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Can I schedule one-on-one sessions with Ramone Preston?

    Yes you can. As a millionaire mentee, you will be able to schedule your sessions based on what tier you choose.

  • Is there a payment plan for the millionaire mentorship?

    Yes. Please call us or text "millionaire" to the contact number to speak with one of our millionaire concierges.

  • Does this program work if I don't have a business?

    Yes. This program works for individuals, independent contractors, ministers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.