Millionaire Blueprint Groups

For Churches, Nonprofits, and Community Groups

What is the purpose of the Millionaire Blueprint Groups?

This program was established to help churches, nonprofits, and other community groups provide education for financial literacy & entrepreneurship.

What can we expect to learn?

You can expect to learn all the Biblical-based wealth building principles that are found in "The Millionaire Blueprint". 

What are the benefits of the Millionaire Blueprint Groups?

  • MBG Members receive a 50% off discount on The Millionaire Blueprint. The retail cost is $1500, but MBG members only pay $700 one-time or $59 a month for 12 months.

  • MBG Leaders (or their designated group leaders) receive 1 year free access to the Millionaire Blueprint. MBG Leaders will also receive exclusive leadership training.

  • MBG Members and Leaders receive onboarding assistance and ongoing support throughout the life of their membership.

  • MBG Sponsored Churches and Community groups will receive a 10% financial kickback as a blessing to support your mission.

How Does The Program Work?

  • Assessment & Agreement

    We begin by assessing your organizational goals and determining what you and your group wants to accomplish economically.

  • Processing & Onboarding

    Once we agree on the terms and the number of group members you wish to educate, we will provide exclusive group discount codes for onboarding.

  • Support & Assistance

    Once processed and onboarded, we will provide support and assistance to you for implementing your educational objectives for your group

  • Measures & Milestones

    Our executive team works closely with every group leader to help your measure the progress and maintain the momentum for your group to reach their milestones.

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Corporate Accounts Executive

Tareta Lynette

Tareta Lynette is the Senior Corporate Accounts Executive for Ramone Preston Enterprises, LLC.