How Does The Consulting Service Work?

Once you sign up, you will get immediate access to an initial assessment form to fill out. After you submit your information, I will contact you to set up an initial assessment of your objectives. Once the initial assessment is complete, we will schedule a time to discuss and develop a creative success strategy to move forward.

  • I WILL PREPARE a success strategy based on your initial assessment and on the results you intend to achieve.

  • I WILL PROVIDE the recommendations for the tools and training you may need in order to achieve your results.

  • WE WILL DESIGNATE at least one follow-up contact with you to monitor the progress of your road-map to results.

  • WE WILL DETERMINE the best course of action moving forward. This may include ongoing coaching or additional tools & training.

What Does The Initial Consulting Fee Include?

Your initial consulting fee includes 1 initial assessment consultation, 1 follow-up consultation, a success strategy for your life, ministry, and/or business, a "game-plan & road-map for results." It also includes over 20 years of invaluable wisdom, and successful strategies from me & my entire organizational enterprise!

  • THE INITIAL CONSULTING FEE INCLUDES: 1 initial assessment consultation and 1 follow-up consultation. This can be in-person, online through zoom, and/or by conference call.

  • THE INITIAL CONSULTING FEE INCLUDES: A complete success strategy for your life, ministry and/or business and a game-plan & road map for results.

  • THE INITIAL CONSULTING FEE INCLUDES: Over 20 years of invaluable wisdom and successful ministry & marketplace strategies from me and my entire organizational enterprise.

Initial Consulting Session

RP Consulting Group Pricing & Fees!

  • Initial Consultation Fee of $5,999.99

    There's a fee of $5,999.99 that covers your initial assessment. Once you sign-up, submit your information and your fee, I will set-up and schedule a time for us to discuss all the details of your assessment, and to determine your next best course of action!

  • Ongoing Consultation Fees

    I believe it's always in your best interest for you and I to discuss and determine the details of any ongoing fees once we complete our first session. Ongoing fees will be based on the size of your operations, the scope of your objectives, and the "Results" we both want you to see!

  • Other Additional Fees

    Once the terms of your exclusive creative success strategy have been discussed, determined, & decided on, I will honor our agreement. However, we may have to make adjustments and exceptions (if or when) it requires additional services, trainings, travel, or time that we didn't initially agree on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I Being Consulted By Ramone Preston?

    Yes. Although other professionals and experts may assist me (Ramone Preston), everything is done at the direction & discretion of my leadership.

  • Do I Need To Be A Subscribed Member Of RP University?

    No. However, depending on your "Success Strategy", there may be training courses, certifications, or programs necessary to complete your coaching process.

  • Does One Consulting Session Apply To A Couple?

    It depends. A couple may choose to be consulted as a team, but each individual must sign up in order for us to conduct an effective assessment.

  • Are All Areas Of Life Covered In Your Consulting Session?

    Yes. I will assess and address every area of your life that will assist me in leading you to your NexLevel, "personally, professionally, in ministry and in the marketplace"!