What Is The Blueprint Game-Plan?

The Blueprint Game-Plan is a 5 step wealth building system that provides online virtual education & training on the most important aspects of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, business ownership, investing, and family legacy wealth building.

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    Today's special offer for you is our $2500 Ultimate All-In-One Blueprint Game-Plan for just $1499
    Today's Special Offer

Free Starter Sessions

Our Free Starter Sessions are compilations of different video training sessions and pre-recorded shows that we've put together to introduce you to the content we provide in the "paid" version of our Ultimate Blueprint Game-Plan program. Our full paid version includes hundreds of video training modules with PowerPoints, white board sessions, and other additional interactive lessons that may not be included in our free version.

  • FREE SESSIONS INCLUDE: Our world-class Blueprint Game-Plan Manual that walks you through each step of our wealth building process. This manual gives you a step by step breakdown and course recommendations.

  • FREE SESSIONS INCLUDE: Lessons on Financial Literacy which include financial planning, income and expense tracking, taxes, banking, risk management, balance sheets, assets, liabilities, creative cashflow strategies and more!

  • FREE SESSIONS INCLUDE: Lessons on entrepreneurship, Biblical economics, sales, systems, starting and structuring holding companies, and much more!

  • FREE SESSIONS INCLUDE: Lessons on real estate investing, finding and analyzing deals, structuring investment companies, investment terms, concepts and much more!

  • FREE SESSIONS INCLUDE: A special one-time offer to get access to our Ultimate All-In-One Blueprint Game-Plan. This all-in-one program includes all of our signature training programs in one!

The Blueprint Game-Plan Free Starter Sessions

Our free starter sessions are compilations of sessions and shows we've used on platforms and settings that may not reflect the overall quality of our "paid" Blueprint Game-Plan programs. Our goal is to provide a pleasant (audio & video) experience for you to be introduced to the world-class content we offer in our Ultimate Blueprint Game-Plan Program.