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You Get Free Access To Our 4 Quarterly Group Coaching Masterminds and Our 4 Quarterly VIP Workshops. 

($20,000 Value)

You Get 1 Year Free Access To Our World-Class Blueprint Game-Plan wealth building program.

($2,500 Value)

Why Choose RP Business Coaching?

Once You Get Your Business & Financial Blueprint, Your Game-Plan, and Your Strategic Action Steps To Move Forward, The Only Thing That's Left Is 100% RESULTS!

You can read books, listen to podcasts, follow guru's, join masterminds, attend conferences for 10's of thousands of dollars and still get little-to-no results! My consulting & coaching focuses on bringing value to you, so you can see real "NexLevel" results as a High Performing Individual, Leader, or Executive! Whatever your Ministry or Marketplace Industry is, I know this program will be the perfect piece to the puzzle of progression and expansion!

What Does The RP Business Coaching Program Include?

Your Coaching Program includes Exclusive Monthly Coaching Sessions, a "game-plan & road-map for results." It also includes some of our training programs, documents, and forms from our Ultimate Blueprints, as well as other vital resources like a goal setting course & template, a personality test, a spiritual gifts assessment, and over 20 years of invaluable wisdom, and successful strategies from me & my entire organizational enterprise!

  • YOUR COACHING INCLUDES: Exclusive Monthly Coaching Sessions. Some sessions can be in-person, online through zoom, and/or by conference call.

  • YOUR COACHING INCLUDES: A complete success strategy for your business, your finances, and a game-plan & road map to monitor your results.

  • YOUR COACHING INCLUDES: Goal setting course & templates, a personality test, a spiritual gifts assessment, and other resources.

  • YOUR COACHING INCLUDES: Over 20 years of invaluable wisdom and successful ministry & marketplace strategies from me and my entire organizational enterprise.

How Does The Coaching Program Work?

Once you sign up, you will get immediate access to an initial assessment form to fill out. After you submit your information, I will contact you to set up an initial assessment of your 1 year objectives. Once the initial assessment is complete, we will schedule a time to discuss and develop a creative success strategy to move forward.

  • I WILL PREPARE a success strategy based on your initial assessment and on the results you intend to achieve.

  • I WILL PROVIDE direct access to the training programs and resources you may need in order to achieve your results.

  • WE WILL DESIGNATE specific times for our monthly follow-up & follow-through coaching sessions to monitor the progress of your road-map to results.

  • WE WILL DETERMINE the best course of daily actions between our coaching sessions to assure that you're moving forward toward reaching your results.

The RP Business Coaching Program Is Perfect For

Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Church/Non-Profit Leaders

  • Individuals

    Our coaching program is perfect for the individuals who feel stuck in their personal lives, relationships, jobs, finances, or careers.

  • Entrepreneurs

    This coaching program will help entrepreneurs, independent contractors and business owners identify their business road blocks and create blueprints to success.

  • Nonprofits

    We provide proven start-up strategies and sustainable systems to help churches & non-profits increase their donor data-base, their revenue, and their volunteer base.